Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Process To become a Member - Please complete the mini Registration Form and make online payments through secured PayU gateway. After payments, you need to log-in with your email id and password as provided in the Registration form. After log-in you should complete your profile through "Edit" button on right side of your biodata and do not forget to "Save" for each section update. Once your profile is complete, you are ready to search through following 3 search options. Please note, on clicking any profile, the detail profile page will open up with complete biodata and contact details of the other person.  

How to search on

we2click provides 3 Levels of Search on Home Page of the website -

  • Quick Search - Is a very simple search tool which allows user to simply search on any one criteria amongst - Professional Field, Hobbies and Interest, Caste, Education, City etc. You can choose any one of the above criteria and can check on multiple options in the same category. This gives immediate result for your select caste / profession / education.
  • Simple Search - Is slightly advanced version of search tool which allows you to select your choice for more than one criteria (unlike Quick search) wherein you can give your choices and result is based on profiles which meet combination of your selected criteria. If you leave a criteria as it is, it means that critieria will not be taken into account while searching.

How to see detail profile of selected Search candidates on ?

To view the detail profile of candidates, whom you find interesting, following are the steps -

  • You need to be logged -in. Only registered members can see Detail Profile
  • Once logged-in you can click on any profile on Search Result Page to see complete profile details
  • Seeing Multiple Profiles - You can check box on upper left hand of each profile and click on "View Details" button on right hand. All these profiles will open like an album / book
  • Each Detail Profile has further 4 tabs - Personal Details, Family Details, Personal Details 2, Personal Details 3
  • The above details are very comprehensive and give you quite clear picture of the prospective life partner

How to see Profiles which have shown Interest - Profiles which show interest in you can be seen in window names as "Profiles whcih have shown interest in me" . Click the profile, to view complete profile details. If you accept the interest, the profile will move to "Mutually Interest Accepted Profiles"

How to see Offline Message sent by other candidates - To see messages sent by other profiles, click on Profile Number in the Notification Window, where it is mentioned - "Total Messages Received"  

What is Ignore Button function - Clicking this button will remove that profile from your next searches and also your profile will not be shown to that candidate when he or she searches.

What is My Selected Profile - You can always select a profile to review it later. By clicking on "Add in selected profile" button, the profile will be kept in your "My Selected Profile" window for your ease in reviewing this profile later. However, no action is reflected / done from your side to the other person.

What are Reminders & Future Note button - Reminder button will set a Reminder, that will help you remind of any action to be done with regards to any profile (eg say you may set a reminder to talk to that person on xyz date). Future Note function helps you in listing any notes for "your future reference" for any profile (eg while talking to that person, you want to write down some points about him or her which will help you recall positives / negatives about that perosn later), you can put it in future notes. Future notes are only readable by you / your family members who log-in for your account and not to anyone else.    

How Compatibility Search Works -

This tool has 5 columns -

  • The First column is the criteria
  • The Second column is the response for yourself for that criteria
  • The Third column is your choice on whether you want this criteria to be "Must" (if you choose Must - then only profiles which satisfy this criteria will come in search result) or "Yes" (if you choose Yes, then both profiles which satisfy this criteria or which does not satisfy this criteria will come in search result) or "No" (if you choose No - then this criteria will not be considered in calculation of compatibility
  • The Forth column is the range / option you ideally want in your expected life partner
  • The Fifth column gives you liberty to give impartance level to this criteria on a scale of 1 to 15 ( 1 being minimum and 15 being maximum)

when you fill all the fields and press "Submit" button, you will get the search results with details of compatibility of that person with your expectations. Now isn't that interesting?

Happy call us, in case you need any assistance. We will be happy to serve.

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