Have you ever thought -

  • Why do people marry ?

There are many reasons generally accepted in society for why a person should get married, we will try and list some of them

  • Man is a Social Animal - This old adage is very true because by nature human-being loves to stay in company, in family, wants to get loved and wants to love others. Marriage is an institute that satisfies man's basic social need of having a permanent companion and a someone with whom you can make a family to lean upon. Obviously it is also a most acceptable way of satisfying an individuals sexual needs.
  • Balances the Imbalances, Fills the Gaps - Males and Females, Individuals from other individuals, differ a lot and no one actually is complete in himself or herself. When two people join hands for-good - it helps both of them to complement each other and bridge gaps which would otherwise be there if one was not married
  • Partner in Love & War - In childhood you have your brothers and sisters whom you can love and fight with. As you grow up, your siblings leave and infact your needs also changes. it is here that marriage bridges this gap and adds spice to your next stage of life
  • Someone to Lean on in difficult times - Illness, Tough times, Sorrow moments are part of everyones life. In this selfish world its your lifepartner that you can count upon in these tough times
  • Someone with whom you have children and with whom you jointly grow them - giving birth to a young one and growing them are much satisfying and natural task than probably career, profession and all that for which you spend lot of efforts and are supposedly most focussed. The happiness can only be witnessed when you see a child and mom / father or for that matter grand parents together.  


  • When in marriage - what works good, what becomes dissatisfactory and what can be detrimental / worrisome 
    • Any marriage hence need to satisfy above mentioned needs + your individual expectations. As per us most of the above needs actually gets fullfilled, if you are able to find a really good human being, who is also a lively, intelligent and hardworking individual. Its however challenge to find good human beings :)
    • Also, any team big or small is not always successful automatically. You have to work to make it successful and satisfying. To have a successful Marriage you have to be a good team player, a good follower and also a good leader in some areas and let your partner be leader in others.
    • What works Good - Compatible nature, likings, behaviour, value system and respect + love towards  each other.
    • What becomes Dissatisfactory - Too much of contrast in above, combined with non tolerance towards others choices. Disrespect towards partner, his / her likings, value system, family etc
    • What becomes Deterimental - Prolonged dissatisfaction, too much of expectations, intolerance, lack of perseverance, knee-jerk reactions, lack of maturity, distrustful deeds, mockery of others  


  • Is Marriage more important or Career, in priority ???
    • Read this page and decide on youself


  • The three life-changing events after you are born : Education, Marriage, Profession
    • We feel amongst above mentioned 3 important life changing events, Marriage is the most critical one. Any thoughts - why ?
    • Both Education and Profession, there is a room to improve upon and also change. The importance of both these aspect reduces as you progress on path of growth and success as life gets guided by your abilities, talent, skills. But your life partner decision is planned to be permanent (except cases where it didn't worked). Hence its the most critical one. Also education, profession and efficient managment of your family, your happiness and growth is significantly dependent on success of your marriage. Irony is inspite of it being so important - the focus, the efforts and the science you put behind it is not generally adequate & also sometimes over-engineered. In fact, till few years back it was a decision broadly taken with very cursory evaluation of the candidate himself / herself. Thats why we stress upon filling more details on profile and equally looking for people who are transparent and true in reflecting their details. Marriage is not a few day affair that you can live with hiding, its matter of lifelong relationship whose foundation is trust and total partnership.    


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